Life 2.0 – Three Principles Conference

An easier life through a simple understanding of the mind

WHAT: Virtual Conference – Fully Online & Virus Proof

WHEN: 7th – 9th June 2020


COST: £100 – To buy your ticket click here


We have been trying to work out how best to be of service during these incredibly challenging times. As the situation has developed, the only thing we were sure about is that we did not want to host an event that put anyone’s health at risk. Especially as almost all of our speakers are, themselves, high risk. Equally, it did not feel right to cancel the Conference at a time when well-being, resilience and not being alone seem more important than ever. And then….we had a bolt of inspiration. Who would have guessed?!

What if we could offer a virus-proof, uncertainty-proof conference? A way for us to all get together virtually, regardless of social isolation? To still gather as a conference to hear speakers from all around, to meet other attendees, and to spend three days looking in the direction of a deeper understanding of the mind?

After the 3PGC global virtual conference earlier this year, we saw how people can gather together in a rich feeling even when they are gathering online. Whilst clearly, we will not be able to hold a live in-person Conference this summer, we do not want people to miss out. If anything, we feel it is MORE important this year than any other so far, to offer the Life 2.0 Conference.

We know that the conference is much more than just a series of talks for you. There is the gathering together and the feeling that goes with it. Our inspiration is to create a virtual version of the conference; not just a series of online presentations, but a way to gather, attend plenaries, smaller interactive breakouts and break times to hang out and mingle. To get together with old friends or to stumble on new ones. We want to create a place where we can be in social isolation and still come together for three days of conference.

Even though so many things have changed and much remains uncertain, we want you to have something you can count on. We will definitely have a conference this year. We are planning to do it in a way that is anti-viral – both physically, but more importantly spiritually. The Three Principles understanding is not an antidote for coronavirus. But it is an antidote for the fear, the anxiety and the loneliness that coronavirus can bring.

The conference is a not for profit event and we can make it a lot cheaper now that it is online instead.

Current ticket holders will be offered tickets at a discounted rate so please be in touch if this is you.

Please join us (along with a line-up of your favourite Three Principles speakers who are also excited to be online for the 2020 virtual conference) for a groundbreaking event and let’s make it our best conference ever!

Looking forward to seeing you there.

Shaul, Aaron, Julian and Jude,
The Conference Committee.

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Our aim is to work towards a better world for everyone. The organisation has distinct parts in the areas of education and well-being empowering people to enjoy a healthier relationship with themselves in every aspect of life. As a starting point we want to point people towards their innate psychological and spiritual functioning by teaching them an understanding of the relationship between thinking and experience.Providing high quality 3 principle training & development for principle based practitioners. A place where they can connect with experienced professionals, creating an ongoing learning experience for the larger 3 principle community.The Three Principles Global Community (3PGC) is a non-profit organization that is committed to bringing an understanding of The Three Principles to people throughout the world. Our mission is to increase the number of people who are teaching, sharing and learning The Principles, and to enhance and facilitate professional collaboration in this field.