3PUK – Three Principles Conference

An easier life through a simple understanding of the mind

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Our aim is to work towards a better world for everyone. The organisation has distinct parts in the areas of education and well-being empowering people to enjoy a healthier relationship with themselves in every aspect of life. As a starting point we want to point people towards their innate psychological and spiritual functioning by teaching them an understanding of the relationship between thinking and experience.Providing high quality 3 principle training & development for principle based practitioners. A place where they can connect with experienced professionals, creating an ongoing learning experience for the larger 3 principle community.The Three Principles Global Community (3PGC) is a non-profit organization that is committed to bringing an understanding of The Three Principles to people throughout the world. Our mission is to increase the number of people who are teaching, sharing and learning The Principles, and to enhance and facilitate professional collaboration in this field.
www.betterworldcharity.org www.onethought.com 3pgc.org