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This page has been created for people who are interested in speaking at the UK conference in some capacity. Perhaps you have been nominated by someone, or simply you feel you have something important to offer this field. Either way we want to hear from you.

The speaker line up will be agreed beforehand, so we need speaker applications well in advance.

Over the years we have had plenty of applications, so having been through this before, we have decided to introduce this application system.

Before any consideration, we feel it important to point out:
- Our conference is designed to be a beacon for the Three Principles (as articulated by Sydney Banks) and as such we are looking for speakers to highlight these ideas, or have a story connected to them.
- we appreciate your enthusiasm and desire to contribute!
- we have a huge pool of people that want to speak so while we are open to having anyone speak, we cannot have everyone speak.
- we have specific standards and criteria for all sessions of the conference.

To give your offer the best possible consideration, please fill out all fields below as well as you can.


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