Chip and Jan Chipman discuss the Conference

Earlier this week we caught up with Chip and Jan Chipman, 2 of this years International speakers, to discuss what they were looking forward to at this years Conference.  As some of the longest standing Principles practitioners, the Chipmans are sought after speakers and mentors across the world, well respected for the grounding and simplicity with which they bring the principles to life.


Chip and Jan Chipman of Vantage Consulting Group, Inc., are human relation consultants from Salt Spring Island, British Columbia, they were mentored by Sydney Banks from 1975 until 2009. They currently enjoy sharing their understanding of the Three Principles from Salt Spring, through teleconferences, one on one Skype and telephone sessions with individuals and couples. They have seen countless people find happiness and flourishing relationships as their own wisdom emerges after being touched by the original books and recordings of Sydney Banks. Chip is President of the Three Principles Foundation and, at the urging of Sydney Banks before his passing in 2008, co-founded, along with Elsie Spittle, the Three Principles School, which is dedicated to sharing the simplicity and purity of the Three Principles, “As discovered and taught by Sydney Banks”.

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