Over the last 10 years we have been recording Three Principles presentations from some of the best practitioners in the world including Michael Neill, Dr George Pransky, Dr Dicken Bettinger, Elsie Spittle and many more! Our collection also covers a huge variety of topics and specialist areas of interest. We believe you will not find a more comprehensive and useful resource.

Access works in 2 ways, Basic & Full Membership. Both include playlists along with custom filters and searches so you can enjoy and learn on all your devices. A playlist is a collection of videos we have hand picked and grouped together on a particular topic, idea, speaker, or other area of interest. It gives you simple and quick access to a collection without having to sort through our vast collection.

Basic Membership is completely free and includes a small selection of free videos and playlists, as well as special offers to our conference and other activities.

Full Membership is our full access offering and is priced at £25 every quarter/3 months. It includes hundreds of our exclusive high-quality videos and large selection of playlists. It also gives you access to special early bird discounts to all our events including our annual conference.

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