Dr Keith Blevens & Valda Monroe: What we will be sharing

This video of Dr Keith Blevens & Valda Monroe will make you laugh out loud 🙂 watch to the end… and to see more join us 3PUK.org. Tickets still available. 10% discount, use 3puk10 when booking. Or email Samantha@3puk.org.


Keith Blevens, Ph.D. is a licensed clinical psychologist with degrees from Indiana University and Texas Technological University. He first met Sydney Banks in 1977. He has taught the Three Principles in businesses, neuropsychiatric hospitals, rape treatment, community mental health and private practice. He has been an adjunct faculty member at six universities and Director of a major university counseling center. He has served as a teacher, trainer and consultant to executives, businesses, organizations, psychologists, helping professionals, individuals, couples and families.

Valda Monroe has been a student of The Three Principles since 1977. She loves sharing how she has been changed by the logic and wisdom of The Three Principles. She is married to Keith Blevens, Ph.D. and they have been collaborating on Three Principles projects for thirty-eight years. Valda has a unique way of seeing what she has learned and people find her teaching and consulting to be practical, full of common sense and very accessible. There is uniqueness to learning from a wife and husband team, and their clients say they are refreshing, effective and inspirational. Valda has created a unique way of teaching the Three Principles as a paradigm that is currently being used in hospital systems, leadership training, coaching and counselling.

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