Follow Up Progammes

In the same spirit and feeling of the conference, this year 3PUK is happy to invite you to continue your learning and development.

One Day Seminar with Catherine Casey

Following on from the 2017 Conference and the successful Mark Howard Seminar last month, we are excited to offer another seminar focused on helping you create your ‘Life 2.0’, complete with more ease, contentment and joy. Our one day seminars are suitable for everyone and have been designed to help deepen your understanding of the 3 Principles to benefit both yourself and others.

The format is as follows:

Everyone is living within their own understanding of life. It is both what shapes us and limits us. Getting clarity on our personal understanding of the principles behind how the mind works is the key.

What do you actually know? Getting clear on your own understanding of the mind to help you better shape your own relationship to the principles behind life. With clarity on our understanding we pave the way for insight and a possible new perspective on life.

Developing what you know. Our ability to share our understanding provides us with unique challenges but also helps us evolve. Whether for yourself or others, sharing the simplicity of our own understanding is the key to growth.

WHEN: Thursday 29th June 2017, 9:30am – 4.00pm BST
VENUE: Tikun, 1117 Finchley Road, London, NW11 0QB

PRICE: £75 in person or online


Subsidies are available and dependent on circumstances. No-one is turned away due to a lack of funds and we encourage everyone to apply.

Cathy Caseycathy

Cathy Casey is a highly skilled & experienced trainer of the 3 Principles understanding of experience. Her work ranges from corporate consulting with blue-chip companies through to the public sector such as health and hospital programs, government organizations, and juvenile and adult criminal justice systems. Cathy is especially known for pioneering the 3 Principles to prison inmates in the California Correctional System. Because of her experience of having a father who is a world war 2 veteran, her current vision is to bring the principles to all veterans of any war. Cathy is currently teaching veterans who are incarcerated.


One Day Seminar with Dr Mark Howard

Our first follow up one day seminar with Mark Howard was a tremendous success.  Examining the principles behind the human experience, it is suitable for everyone and has been specifically designed to help deepen your understanding to benefit both yourself and others.

PRICE: £75 HD online video in 4 x 1-1.5 hour recordings.


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