Michael Neill: Why I’m coming to my 5th conference…

Michael Neill, success coach and best-selling author of The Inside-Out Revolution, discusses what keeps bringing him back to the UK to attend the 3 principles conference. Michael goes on to explain what is available to everyone through the potential of the conference and the understanding being shared. Come and meet Michael and see for yourself at this years conference.

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Michael Neill is an internationally renowned success coach and the best-selling author of You Can Have What You Want, Feel Happy Now! both the Effortless Success and both the Coaching from the Inside-Out audio programs. He has spent the past 23 years as a coach, adviser, friend, mentor, and creative spark plug to celebrities, CEOs, royalty, and people who want to get more out of themselves and their lives. He is the also the founder of Supercoach Academy. Michael’s books have been translated into 13 languages, and his public talks, retreats, and seminars have touched and transformed lives at the United Nations and on five continents around the world. He hosts a weekly talk show on HayHouseRadio.com, and his weekly blogs can be read on his website and The Huffington Post.

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