Life 2.0 Follow Up


In the same spirit and feeling of the conference, this year 3PUK is pleased to invite you to continue your learning and development.


A 1-day seminar with Wendi Saggese & Julian Fraser

Every human being experiences times in life that seemingly appear too much to bear. But, if we realise our natural state of human resilience we can live through any situation in good grace. A simple understanding of the human mind can help ease the stress of troubling circumstances – no matter how dire the prognosis.

This one-day course will explore the way our minds work so you can:

  • Stay calm in the face of life’s turbulence.
  • Raise our ‘self’ to be able to make important decisions with ease.
  • Experience medical visits, results, others’ dissenting opinions with less anxiety and maintain a peaceful state of mind..
  • Realise well-being when the world around us seems to change, or when our health and youth vanish

This simple understanding, known as Innate Health or the Three Principles has changed thousands of lives across the world. Come join Wendi and Julian in a wonderful day of conversation in which they’ll explore living our lives to the fullest, regardless of circumstance.

About Wendi and Julian
Wendi spent years trying to better herself with the latest techniques and strategies for peace of mind, but nothing helped the anxiety and depression that followed a breast cancer diagnosis in 2010. A year later and a new understanding, and everything shifted. It is her life’s work to help others wake up to the simple understanding that allowed her to love her life, even with a terminal cancer diagnosis. Wendi lives in San Diego with her husband and two sons.

Julian had been married for 3.5 years when medical negligence led to his second child being born with severe brain damage. He and his wife Jo had a massive learning curve adjusting to the impact of disability, and then further issues arose when their next child developed different special needs. Julian leads a happy, meaningful life helping others see hope and peace of mind through this simple understanding of the human mind.


WHEN: Wednesday 23rd May 2018, 9:30am – 4.30pm BST

PRICE: £75 in person or online

VENUE: Tikun, 1117 Finchley Road, London, NW11 0QB