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2018 Conference Recordings


Enjoy watching and listening to all sessions from the 2018 Life 2.0 – Three Principles Conference. Featuring some excellent presentations including the One Solution Breakout – with Mara Gleason & Stephanie Fox, the Opening Session with Alfie and Beyond Recovery, as well as sessions by Dr George & Linda Pransky, Michael Neill, Dicken Bettinger, Aaron Turner, Mark Howard, Jack Pransky, Cathy Casey, Shaul Rosenblatt and many, many more.

Recordings are being edited and uploaded as quickly as possible.

This will shortly convert into our Annual Video Membership, a formal scheme with access to recordings from our previous conferences.  The recordings from the 2017 & 2016 conference are already fully available as part of this product.

Purchasing this product will give you access until 30th June 2019.

Complete the questions below and then click to purchase – you will receive an email with access details.

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