Never Broken, Nothing Lacking.


Love & Understanding: Releasing Health in Spirit, Brain, Body and Behaviour

A 2 Day Seminar with Drs Bill & Linda Pettit.

Love is not just an idea. Love is a living, breathing essence that the wise can pluck from the air at will and then like a master artist mold it into something beautiful.” Sydney Banks, Second Chance

Day 1
We will show how chronic mental stress, (e.g., guilt, resentment, unresolved grief, feeling driven, worry, over-analysis, investment in what others think about us, and frustration related to the inability to control others’ behaviour) leads to the chronic activation of the body’s emergency stress response. When prolonged, this response manifests in massive shifts in hormones, a powerful inflammatory reaction and reallocation of internal resources, such as the immune system, away from their usual function of ensuring growth, health and optimal functioning. Without sufficient understanding of the Principles as a source of their experience, people often get frightened or upset and fall into habitual unhealthy and even self destructive behaviours in an effort to alleviate their feelings of dis-ease.

Day 2

An incremental understanding of Mind, the formless energy that uses our brain, is both preventative (a vaccine) and curative. Mind, the spiritual intelligence behind life, is always guiding us. It is the source of the healing power of love, the force behind spiritual and psychological health, which promotes optimal physical health. When life brings challenge, difficulty and pain we often realise that the personal thinking we do with our brains does not have all the answers. Harmonising with the power of Mind allows us to find beauty, meaning and grace; to experience our unbroken wholeness, no matter what we are going through. This leads to a higher level of emotional, psychological and physical health.

WHEN: Monday 20th & Tuesday 21st May : 9.30am – 4:30pm

WHERE: ADDRESS CHANGE – 41 Canons Drive, Edgware, Middx, HA8 7RB


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