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How Change Actually Happens

 How do these seemingly theoretical Principles provide a very practical solution to any and all human suffering and why ‘applications’ and ‘tools’ are not as helpful as simple understanding.

Becoming Human

A deeper understanding of the principles behind the human experience can awaken us to both our divinity and our humanity. And the more we see the impersonal nature of the human condition, the easier it is to accept and embrace both our frailties and our greatness. As Sydney Banks once said, “Humility isn’t thinking less …

Prisons And Rehabilitation Panel

Hosted by Jacqueline Hollows who runs “Beyond Recovery”, a program teaching the Three Principles in a jail to support the recovery of alcohol and drug inmates. A year later the program has demonstrated inspiring results that point to a new potential for well being, recovery and rehabilitation.

It’s All About The Feeling

It’s all about the feeling In truth, all three Principles are really one. Just as all of humanity is one. Talking about how the Principles point back to the single source of all our experience.