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Changes In Understanding of Unchanging Principles

The simplicity of depth. The ebbs flows and patterns I’ve seen in over 40 years around The Principles.   Linda and Aaron explore the importance of realization and deep understanding. They explain how the feeling of not knowing is actually the opening to deeper understanding. Helpful to anyone working with clients as this talk points …

What are principles?

A general discussion for beginners around the idea of what the 3 Principles are and how they work in our lives.   What are people missing that psychological principles provide. What are we looking towards in this area of life that seemingly changes the rules or the game we are playing.  

Same Life, Different Experience

Living with an understanding of the principles opens up a whole new world. How does this understanding upgrade your life and what does that look like in real, practical terms? Reality comes from the inside. Every person who understands this on some level becomes grateful.