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Seeing your child with love and common sense

The direct route to helping your kids: – we know that young people are facing more mental health challenges. As a parent, it is easy to get overwhelmed by worry and concern and preoccupied with suffering and behavioral patterns when our kids face these challenges. This session will share stories of how parents have found …

Relationships under the microscope

How does an understanding of the principles make a difference to relationship tensions that arise in the unavoidable restraints of the pandemic and lockdown and what can this teach us about how relationships work

Redundancy, Unemployment and Homelessness

Financial Insecurity and the difference understanding makes. Anthony and Ian used to struggle in life, overwhelmed by money worries. Now the stress has fallen away and they are able to overcome hurdles with simplicity. Previously, attendees, they are both mentors on the ‘A Slice of Happiness SPA programme.