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What are the Three Principles? 1 – Starting from Scratch -Part 3

Designed for people who consider themselves as “Starting from Scratch” in the Three Principles, this presentation introduces the underlying understanding of the Three Principles and allows us all to see how we can unlock our ability to discover an improved experience of life or well-being. Come, sit, listen, and reflect.

Finding the Wiggle Room in Life

What does it do for us to see that it is thought that is at play in our everyday and varied experience of reality? This session includes a selection of stories and examples that help illustrate new possibilities for all of us.

Q & A Session with Cathy Casey

Selected questions addressed in the session: Why my sleep has been affected? How do you know the difference between experiencing universal mind vs being in a state of fear? Understanding the higher and lower state’s of mind and how it affect you. How can  you be tranquil and calm? How knowing that you are experience …