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Compassion: Wisdom’s response to suffering

During these challenging times one does not have to look far to see someone who is suffering psychologically. Is it really built into all of us to respond to this suffering with compassion? Why do we so often respond to suffering with impatience, dismissal, avoidance, indifference, reactivity, or defensiveness? How does deepening our understanding of …

Wisdom, the Lighthouse on the Shores of Adversity

For all of us, this has been a time where we have come face to face with adversity: illness, threat of illness, disruption of our daily routines, loss of contact with family and friends, loss of income, or being faced with family challenges. In the face of adversity we either get more caught up in …

What are the Three Principles? 3 – Well on my way -Part 3

Designed for people who consider themselves as “Well on my way” in the Three Principles, this presentation introduces the underlying understanding of the Three Principles and allows us all to see how we can unlock our ability to discover an improved experience of life or well-being. Come, sit, listen, and reflect.