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Practitioner Q&A Panel

Mara Gleason-Olson, Dicken Bettinger, and Mark Howard answer 3 Principle practitioner questions from the audience at the 2019 Conference.

Q & As with Experienced Panel

A chance for the audience to ask their questions from an experienced and distinguished panel of first generation practitioners. Selected questions of the session include: The single most important things that the panel has learned over the years. Where did Sydney Banks enlightenment come from? When do you reach the point of understanding the principles …

Principles, Never Understood

Something you can never understand, Something that can always be fresh.   Falling open to wisdom, Dicken Bettinger explains the emergence of wisdom from a quiet place within. Falling into the feeling of insight where wisdom guides you.

Healing The World

There is new found hope for the world in how societies can raise their overall level of well being. Each of us can raise our own level of well being, which helps raise the overall level of well being in the world. Each one of us can play a vital role in healing the world’s …