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Q & As with Experienced Panel

A chance for the audience to ask their questions from an experienced and distinguished panel of first generation practitioners. Selected questions of the session include: The single most important things that the panel has learned over the years. Where did Sydney Banks enlightenment come from? When do you reach the point of understanding the principles …

Expertise & Technical Know-how: Universal not Specific

In a world were expertise and specialisation in specific areas is the respected norm, it is surprising that people teaching the principles have impact in fields in which they have no specific expertise. This session will examine this pattern in principle based work that seems to buck the current professional trend of domain expertise.   …

The Reality Of Mind

A Panel hosted by George Pransky with Jacqueline Hollows, Claire Shutes and Barb Patterson. Real life stories of Mind in Action. We live life as if we are driving, but as we take our hands off the wheel we get pleasantly shocked by the results.

What Is This New Understanding?

This session is a chance to step back and get an overview of what is being discussed. The session will focus on and outline the essential new understanding of the mind that is covered by the phrase “The Three Principles”.

Introduction To Health Professionals’ Seminar

Whilst the common belief may be that life circumstances and the people around us create our feelings, sensations, and perceptions, a fresh understanding of the mind points to the key role in generating our experience. This is doubly relevant in the healthcare profession.