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Practitioner Q&A Panel

Mara Gleason-Olson, Dicken Bettinger, and Mark Howard answer 3 Principle practitioner questions from the audience at the 2019 Conference.

Q & A’s with Mark Howard

Selected questions of the session: How to understand choice without controlling thoughts? Are thoughts underlying a negative feeling important? What is the relationship between deep understanding of the principles and levels of consciousness?

Mental Health issues in families

There are mental health issues in many families. What are the dynamics that matter in dealing with this more effectively and what are the challenges when a loved one is struggling with mental health issues?

Looking After Ourselves First

The Healthcare sector is one of high demands, high pressure and high responsibility, with budget cuts and legal pressures that only seems to be getting worse. In this context it is generally believed that stress and pressure is an unavoidable fact of the environment. This session will focus on this stress and pressure from a …