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The power of principles to uncover our universal health

Dropping into love: Alfie Chambers shares how dropping into love liberated him from old ways of thinking, and seeing the world as well as substance abuse. In a very relatable way Jacqueline, Alfie and Christine share how being touched by this feeling impacts life. No matter where you come from, where you’ve been or what …

Recovery and Rehabilitation

“Beyond Recovery” is a programme teaching the 3 Principles understanding to support the recovery of of individuals who have faced alcohol and drug problems,Jacqueline Hollows and Scott Davison show the development of the programme and the impact on individuals over the course of the past year.

Prisons And Rehabilitation Panel

Hosted by Jacqueline Hollows who runs “Beyond Recovery”, a program teaching the Three Principles in a jail to support the recovery of alcohol and drug inmates. A year later the program has demonstrated inspiring results that point to a new potential for well being, recovery and rehabilitation.