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What’s a principle between coaches?

What is different about principles based coaching. Are there ways in which coaching changes when you are working from a Three Principles basis?   3 Principle coaching  is a way of working with people to bring out the best of a person as well as assist the person to create more in the world. 

Q & As with Michael Neill

Selected questions of the session include: How to keep your insights relevant without drifting back? Are there any routines that you recommend to allow yourself to connect? What is the three principles take on spirituality?

What are principles?

A general discussion for beginners around the idea of what the 3 Principles are and how they work in our lives.   What are people missing that psychological principles provide. What are we looking towards in this area of life that seemingly changes the rules or the game we are playing.  

Why Understanding Changes Everything

Most people think that in order to improve their experience of life, they need to first know what to do. But in fact, it is our understanding of what life is, who we are and where experience comes from that transforms our lives for the better. A real life example of someone who was suicidal …