Teen Day


Who’s the boss of you?

Teenagers today appear to be dealing with a long line of issues such as social pressure, exam stress, anxiety, self- harm, depression, parental conflict, and bullying.

The Life 2.0 Conference Teenage Day was created to illuminate the workings of the human mind so the young people who attend leave better equipped to use the natural resilience they were born with.

If you are between the ages of 11-16, we encourage you to join us for interactive exploration of the mind and answer the question: Are you “bully-proof” from your own thoughts?

This teen-led, activity based workshop will invite you to explore and discover the workings of the mind through illustration, improvisation, games, mind provoking exercises, games, music, video and more.

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Teen Day Topics Include:

•Redefining Rebellion •Relationships •Youth Connection •Become “Thought Bully-Proof”

Teen Day1

2:45 – 3:30pm – 12-18 years

We have a panel of speakers that will be talking about how this

understanding has impacted how they perform in their careers in sport.


Andrena Grant

I have just turned 15 years old and would describe myself as an athlete who was given some talent which I have nurtured to become the athlete I am today.

I started skiing competitively at age 13 which is pretty old for skiing! This left me far behind and at the back of the pack but through everything I kept going no matter what and over time that dedication has paid off.

Since being exposed to the 3PS my skiing has really improved as I realised that the sport is 70% mental and as I have limited physical training, due to school. Knowing more about how my mind works has helped me to make the most of the time I have on the snow and perform at my best when it really counts, by experiencing things in the moment and being open to new ideas and ways to improve my performance. Before I was introduced to the 3PS I skied with other things in my mind such as having to make points or a certain position in races and now that I have more understanding I know I perform best when I am in the flow.

Teen Day is in corroboration with One Thought and The Cypress Initiative.


Lila Turner


Ashley Hunt


Brooke Wheeldon


This Teen Day is a collaboration between One Thought and The Cypress Initiative. Team members from both organisations will coordinating and supervising throughout the day.

Youth may attend teen sessions alone. However, all youth must be dropped off by a parent. Parents must sign a release form prior to leaving their child. Parents must also be easily contactable throughout the day and remain in the conference building.

A youth-led training day for teens.

Sunday 21st May 2017

10am – 3:30pm

11-16 years

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10am – 11am

Session 1: Activity/games Teen lead workshop

11am -11.30am


11.30am – 12.30pm

Session 2: Activity/games Teen lead workshop

12.30pm – 2pm

Lunch Break

2pm – 2.45pm

Session 3: Activity/games Teen lead workshop

2.45pm -3.30pm

Panel talk by youths using this understanding

to improve performance in athletic careers.

(Older teens welcome for the panel talk)