“As a person who had the ‘live stream’ version of the Conference I can say it was inspiring, uplifting, educational and heart warming (putting it mildly). It brought tears, laughter and deep silence.”

“I am not sure I will ever be the same again (in a good way!). I came along expecting to have an interesting and informative time, I came away with my world view completely changed and I am so incredibly grateful for that. This has been a transformational experience. THANK YOU”

“It was incredible! I’ll definitely come again next year!”

“A fantastic opportunity to hear from inspirational speakers. It felt that it was part of a growing momentum towards a wider realisation. It was an exciting event to be part of.”

“Thoroughly enjoyed the Conference and its opportunity to go deeper in to the Principles. First rate presentations, delivered in such an approachable, warm and inclusive style. Although watching via the livestream, it felt like I was in the room.”

“The conference was excellent – thank you very much :)”

“The range and quality of speakers, the broad range of subjects covered in the break-out groups and the two levels to choose from, made it much easier to tailor this year’s experience to my interests and requirements.”

“It was a lovely place to spend three days listening and learning, gaining some understanding, being with a close friend and making new friends. To share so many moments of peace, joy, empathy, humour and insight in unity with a large diverse group was amazing.”

“It was very well considered, organised and arranged. The variety of speakers and topics was fantastic.”