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Stress and burnout- especially during Covid-19

During the last few months there have been many reasons for an increase in stress, particularly for those facing new challenges with their health, working life and finances. Drawing on his four decades of experience with individuals and health care professionals Joe Bailey will discuss the potential we have to understand and relate to stress …

Relationships in Captivity

These are the best of times. These are the worst of times. Some relationships and families are thriving during this period of lockdown. Others are feeling like their relationships are falling apart, and they are losing their minds. This session we will explore how the understanding shared by Sydney Banks makes all the difference for …

Reality – What a Concept!

While you may well have heard that “we’re living in the feeling of our thinking”, the power of Thought is so much more than just a random feeling generator. In this session, Michael will explore how a deeper recognition of the Thought-created nature of our personal reality can change our relationship with all of life.

Questions and Reflection -2

Join the SPARK team for this final Young Adults session. This Break out session will be a wonderful way to wrap up of any lingering questions from the conference. We will share insights we have seen in the past 3 days, and welcome all of yours as well!