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Compassion: Wisdom’s response to suffering

During these challenging times one does not have to look far to see someone who is suffering psychologically. Is it really built into all of us to respond to this suffering with compassion? Why do we so often respond to suffering with impatience, dismissal, avoidance, indifference, reactivity, or defensiveness? How does deepening our understanding of …

Why Your Creativity and Resourcefulness Are Never In Lockdown

We are in a time where it seems like the world is changing rapidly, and you may be experiencing a sense of chaos, worry and uncertainty. You may wonder what will happen next, and it may feel like your resourcefulness is far away. But what if, despite the changes in circumstances, the Principles could help …

Stress and burnout- especially during Covid-19

During the last few months there have been many reasons for an increase in stress, particularly for those facing new challenges with their health, working life and finances. Drawing on his four decades of experience with individuals and health care professionals Joe Bailey will discuss the potential we have to understand and relate to stress …

Health professional panel

The importance of an understanding for health care and healthcare professionals. Shared experience and Q and A. With Joe Bailey, & Louise O’Dalaigh,