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Research: Your Questions Answered

Professor Anthony Kessel and Panel, answer your research questions following their main session (here) comprising: Brooke Wheeldon-Reece (The Spark Initiative) Debbie Fisher (I-Heart) Jeanne Catherine (Three Principles Research & Consulting) Louise Scott (Beyond Recovery)

Q & As with Health Professionals

An assembled panel is convened of experienced health and mental health professionals who have worked both with an understanding of the principles and without. This session will be a chance to draw on their observations, experiences and to ask more specific questions about the relationship of understanding the principles to their life and work as …

Practitioners’ Stories Panel

This session will focus on the reported outcomes that health care professionals have observed and experienced in relation to their 3 Principles understanding. It will be a chance to see how an engagement with a new understanding of the mind affects the day to day experience of health care professionals in a range of positions …

Recovery and Rehabilitation

“Beyond Recovery” is a programme teaching the 3 Principles understanding to support the recovery of of individuals who have faced alcohol and drug problems,Jacqueline Hollows and Scott Davison show the development of the programme and the impact on individuals over the course of the past year.

Prisons And Rehabilitation Panel

Hosted by Jacqueline Hollows who runs “Beyond Recovery”, a program teaching the Three Principles in a jail to support the recovery of alcohol and drug inmates. A year later the program has demonstrated inspiring results that point to a new potential for well being, recovery and rehabilitation.