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Practitioner Q&A Panel

Mara Gleason-Olson, Dicken Bettinger, and Mark Howard answer 3 Principle practitioner questions from the audience at the 2019 Conference.

Client Session with Aaron Turner

A chance for practitioners to watch a client session and ask questions of the practitioner.   The topic is on transitioning and changing from old paradigm to new paradigm in working with others.

Expertise & Technical Know-how: Universal not Specific

In a world were expertise and specialisation in specific areas is the respected norm, it is surprising that people teaching the principles have impact in fields in which they have no specific expertise. This session will examine this pattern in principle based work that seems to buck the current professional trend of domain expertise.   …

Changes In Understanding of Unchanging Principles

The simplicity of depth. The ebbs flows and patterns I’ve seen in over 40 years around The Principles.   Linda and Aaron explore the importance of realization and deep understanding. They explain how the feeling of not knowing is actually the opening to deeper understanding. Helpful to anyone working with clients as this talk points …