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Redundancy, Unemployment and Homelessness

Financial Insecurity and the difference understanding makes. Anthony and Ian used to struggle in life, overwhelmed by money worries. Now the stress has fallen away and they are able to overcome hurdles with simplicity. Previously, attendees, they are both mentors on the ‘A Slice of Happiness SPA programme.

Looking Beyond Physical Diagnosis

At the heart of the Principles lies an understanding that we cannot be broken. Is this true for illness and disability? What are the implications of looking beyond diagnosis to our essential nature?

Compassion: Wisdom’s response to suffering

During these challenging times one does not have to look far to see someone who is suffering psychologically. Is it really built into all of us to respond to this suffering with compassion? Why do we so often respond to suffering with impatience, dismissal, avoidance, indifference, reactivity, or defensiveness? How does deepening our understanding of …