Wendi Saggese: Cancer, Hope & the 3 Principles

This video is a taster of a powerful conversation we recently had with the remarkable Wendi Saggese.  Wendi lives in San Diego, California and is a wife, and mother of 2 terrific children.  In 2010 she was diagnosed with Cancer which turned her experience of life upside down.  Having to deal with the diagnosis, treatment options alongside motherhood was terrifying and traumatic.  Coming across the 3 Principles understanding in 2012 changed her experience of everything. Even though Wendi is still living with a stage 4 diagnosis, Wendi lives with a state of mind that is unnaffected by her circumstances.  Watch the video below that offers hope to many.

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10 responses to “Wendi Saggese: Cancer, Hope & the 3 Principles”

  1. Dear Wendi
    3P have change my life from the roots.Than I read Anastasija from Vladimir Megree..and change me even more.All that lead me to the raw food and I very suprised how many people are cured 4.stadium of cancer and many other untritable desies.I feel great..and wish you that to!
    Sorry for my speling.Kiss from Croatia

  2. So powerful! You are amazing and inspire❤️ Thank you for sharing you and your thoughts…..

  3. Great reminder that we all have the opportunity to change our minds and be open to a new and fresh insight about our lives. Like you Julie, I have terminal cancer and it is wonderful to know that you have a choice about how you feel each moment or in the ‘bad times’ you have a deeper appreciation that all IS WELL – not that “it will be well” but KNOWING THAT ALL IS WELL. Peace to all David Bodman

    • Yes David, sounds like you experience the peace you speak of also! Peace and Love to you also! Wendi

  4. Wow you’re powerful and beautiful and incredibly inspiring. What a gift this video has been to me today. Wishing you perfect health Wendi. With love X

  5. Wendi, You have everything you need and all the love in the world, I love you and wish you all the happiness.
    I hope your Mothers Day was incredibly memorable…. and many more! Live and dance and enjoy every moment, it is yours! xoxoxox Jill the pill from Underhill <3

  6. Hello, Wendi.
    An inspiring short clip, thank you.
    I’m full of cancer-cure information – my mind is reeling – because I’ve just watched some amazing programmes from http://www.TheTruthAboutCancer.com. Please watch and listen to Ty Bollinger. It will help your physical problems. You are already massively prepared for recovery mentally.

    Sending love.

  7. There is a wonderful two part free webinar featuring David Bodman of Australia on Three Principles Supermind you may want to experience. We filmed that just days before his passing. A powerful legacy of learning life and his path living and sharing the Principles. One of the veteran leaders who lived a remarkable life with deep understanding and a gift for articulating that in a special and impactful way.

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