Why the Conference is important for you and me

In this short video, Dr Mark Howard a practitioner of the Principles for over 33 years, describes why he feels the Life 2.0 Conference is so impactful for him – even after learning this understanding for so long, and why you should make sure you don’t miss it.

To hear more from Mark and get more of this understanding for yourself, join us for our conference in May where he will be joined by the biggest group of 3 Principles facilitators ever assembled.
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Dr. Howard is a licensed psychologist who is the founder of the “Three Principles Institute” located in Burlingame, California. He recently retired from Kaiser Permanent Redwood City Chemical Dependency Services after 27 years of service. Dr Howard is recognized as one of the professionals bringing the Three Principles to psychology and related fields. He was introduced to the principles in 1982. He has taught clients, families, business professionals, and mental health practitioners about these principles. In 1994 he brought the understanding of these Three Principles to the Department of Alcohol and Drug Services in Santa Clara County California. In 2008, Dr Howard was awarded the “Outstanding Career Service” award by the Santa Clara Psychological Association for bringing the principles to Santa Clara County, California.

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