Sunday 13th May 2018 – 9.30am – 4.00pm

The Youth Day at the Life 2.0 Conference is split into 2 separate events with different programmes for each age group.

Pressure Drop – 12-15 Years



Pressure, pressure, pressure.

We spoke to many teens that told us if they had one day to learn anything, they’d want to know how to deal with their daily pressures and expectations when it comes to friends, family and school. That’s why this years’ youth day for ages 12-15 is focused on just that!

Join us the 13th of May as we explore where pressures and expectations come from and how, once understanding this, you won’t have to worry and stress about pressure so it can be easier being YOU!

This day will be all about you! We will have plenty of engaging, teen-tested and approved activities (meaning they are totally NOT boring!) and hear from teens just like you about pressures and expectations when it comes to social media, body image, parent/teacher expectations and social pressures.

So, what are you waiting for…sign up now, because if nothing else, we will have snacks!

Hope to see you May 13th, and invite your friends!

Decide for Yourself: Become a great decision maker – 16 – 24 Years


Life could be described as a string of decisions that lead you to your future. The problem is, decisions often feel hard, confusing and overwhelming, especially when it there is a lot at stake or if there are no good options to choose from.

Being able to make clear and inspired decisions is a vital skill of a great leader. However, people don’t start out with all the skills, tools and knowledge they need in life and we don’t always know what the most important skills are. As many adults in our field have come to see, there is one piece of knowledge they have picked up along the way that was a complete game changer for them. One understanding, if known earlier, would have saved them time, money and mental struggle. In fact, we often hear “I wish I knew this when I was younger.” From many adults we work with.

We got really inspired to do just that. Give young adults, a key – often overlooked – understanding that can be a game changer for how you love and direct your own life. This missing piece can give you an understanding that leads to a greater capacity to make decisions in your life. This missing piece has the power to enable clearer decision making, expose limiting expectations and reveal, untapped potential.

Join us on 13th of May for an engaging and empowering day exploring the basis for how clear and powerful decision making.


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This Youth Day is a collaboration between One Thought,  The Cypress Initiative and Three Principles Jerusalem. Team members from the organisations will coordinating and supervising throughout the day.

All youth under 16 must be dropped off by a parent. Parents must sign a release form prior to leaving their child. Parents must also be easily contactable throughout the day and remain in the conference building.

Lila Turner
Ashley Hunt
Brooke Wheeldon
Shifra Chesler